The Council of MUIS is the overall decision-making body and is responsible for the formulation of policies and operational plans. The Council comprises the President of MUIS, the Mufti of Singapore, persons recommended by the Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs and other persons nominated by Muslim organisations. All members of the Council are appointed by the President of Singapore. 


Haji Abdul Razak bin Hassan Maricar
Chief Executive of Muis

Haji Mohammad Alami Musa
President of the Muis Council

Ust Fatris - Mufti
Dr Mohamed Fatris bin Bakaram
Mufti of Singapore


Haji Shafawi bin Ahmad 

Haji Pasuni bin Maulan 

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 Haji Mohamad Hasbi bin Hassan 

Haji Ali bin Haji Mohamed 

Haji Sallim bin Abdul Kadir 


Haji Zainol Abeedin bin Hussin 


Haji Muhammed Faiz Edwin Ignatious M 

Ab Razak bin Chanbasha

Dr Ab Razak bin Chanbasha 


Mr Asaad Sameer bin Ahmad Bagharib 




Mr Mohammad Thahirrudin bin Shadat Kadarisman 

Jamal Iskandar bin Ismail 

Mdm Moliah bte Hashim 


 Mr Farihullah s/o Abdul Wahab Safiullah  

  Ustaz Haji Firdaus   

Mr Raja Mohamad bin Maiden @ Raj Mohamad    

  Ustaz Haji Firdaus   

Dr Rufaihah binte Abdul Jalil    



 /cms/uploadedImages/MuisGovSG/About_MUIS/Nora Rustham.bmp 

Ms Nora bte Rustham





Last update on : 7/8/2013