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RAMADAN 1430H/2009


For each Muslim, the advent of Ramadan brings different meanings. While there are those who welcome Ramadan with a deep passion for its benefits and blessings, there are also those who feel its burdens and difficulties and yet those welcoming it solely for the sake of the festive Hari Raya celebrations that come after Ramadan.

The diversity in response is a manifestation of the level of iman and taqwa of each individual. The fact, however, remains that Ramadan is a holy and glorious month the month of worship, the month of al-Qur an and the month to multiply manifold our acts of worship and level of iman. Indeed, Ramadan is full of wisdom and meanings.

The dawn of Ramadan should be welcomed with deep sense of gratitude and humility. Other than completing the fast of Ramadan, we should also intensify accompanying charitable deeds like sharing food with our neighbours during the breaking of fast, involving in voluntary works, performing the meritorious Tarawih and Tadarus.


Worship in Islam is not limited to the rituals in fact it encompasses a lot more such as:

  • Spending time with the children either to supervise or monitor their studies or even to entertain them;
  • Toiling yourself in order to maintain the economic need of the family
  • Assisting your wife by sharing household chores
  • Leaving others in peace by not disturbing them or creating difficulties for them
  • Rendering assistance to friends or neighbours regardless of race or religion when they are in need
  • To always smile and be cheerful
  • Seeking beneficial knowledge
  • Keeping to oneself the shortcomings of others
  • Sharing of food with neighbours of different religion

ramadan-infopic.jpg  Hadith - Help Others


All these actions are in line with the essence of Islam as a universal religion that brings mercy to mankind.

And We do not send you but as a mercy for the universe.
(AlAnbiya : 107)

In order to be an exemplary community that inspires others, we will have to uphold strongly to our Islamic principles while at the same time, adapt to changing context.

You re the best community raised for mankind. You enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong while you believe in Allah.
(Ali Imran: 110)

With this spirit of human fellowship, hopefully we can be a Muslim that is worth emulating and an inspiration to others, insya Allah.


Last update on : 29/8/2009