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Baitulmal is the institution that acts as a trustee for the Muslims. 
It looks after assets from which members of the Muslim public could benefit. 
In Singapore, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) administers Baitulmal, 
which is the Public Treasury for Muslims and all funds from it, are allocated for public 
and community projects and general welfare. Such funds are deemed as "amal jariah" 
which is a continuous form of good deed that will benefit the deceased.
The estate of a deceased person goes to the Baitulmal under the following circumstances :  
●    There is no rightful beneficiary to the estate
All beneficiaries have received their shares, yet there is still a portion 
  that remains of the estate
There is no claimant to the estate
The deceased person leaves no beneficiary (heir)





Last update on : 8/12/2009