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Muis together with our partners is piloting the Kids, Tweens, Teens and Youth aL.I.V.E. Islamic Education programmes. These programmes are part of the comprehensive Singapore Islamic Education System (SIES)  that is being developed in phases by Muis.

Information on the location of centres and schedule of classes can be found on the aL.I.V.E. website.  

Muis is also administering the Islamic Education Fund - a funding scheme to ensure greater participation and delivery of quality programmes - as part of the overall Singapore Islamic Education System.

What is SIES?

SIES is a curriculum developed for Islamic Education (IE) in Singapore. Its objective is to prepare Muslims of different age groups to better understand, appreciate and practise Islam in light of the present and future challenges. It serves as a framework for Muslims in Singapore. It is a curriculum that is relevant, dynamic and full of significant learning experiences for Muslims in Singapore.

What are the currently available programmes ?

The 2011 Academic Year classes have already commenced. Schedule for the Holiday Programmes/Workshops will be released as soon as they are available. Please visit for the latest updates. You can also e-mail or call 6359 1463 for enquiries.








Last update on : 7/2/2011