The Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) was set up to enhance the standing of our religious teachers (asatizah) and to serve as a reliable source of reference for the Singapore Muslim community.

Recognition is granted only to qualified Islamic religious teachers and scholars who meet the minimum standards of qualification to preach and teach Islamic religious knowledge either at madrasahs, mosques, private institutions, Muslim organisations or residences in Singapore. The application of recognition is decided by the Asatizah Recognition Board.


The Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB)           

 An independent, senior committee, the Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB)  comprises several religious teachers/scholars was appointed by Muis to provide direction, approve all nominations or applications, and oversee the professional conduct of all approved asatizah or scholars in the performance of their teachings and religious services to the community.              

The ARB is currently chaired by one of the most respected asatizah, Ustaz Ali Hj Mohamad, Chairman of the Khadijah Mosque. The other members of the ARB are as follows:                

- Ustaz Ali Bin Hj Mohamed - Pengerusi                    

 - Ustaz Sallim Bin Jasman                     

 - Ustaz Mohamed Ibrahim Bin Mohamed Kassim                     

 - Ustaz Mohamad Hasbi Bin Hassan                     

 - Ustaz Mohd Murat Bin Md Aris                    

 - Ustazah Sukarti Binte Asmoin                     

 - Ustazah Harinah Binte Abdul Latiff                     

 - Ustaz Mohd Kamal Bin Mokhtar                     

 - Ustaz Pasuni Bin Maulan                     

 - Ustaz Mohamed Khair Bin Rahmat                     

 - Ustaz Kamaruzaman Bin Afandi – Setiausaha             

Appeal Panel (AP)        

There is also an Appeal Panel who hears appeals on the decision of the ARB. The panel consists of Honourable Mufti of Singapore, who is also the Chairman of the AP, Senior President, Syariah Court and Registrar, Registry of Muslim Marriages.        

The Secretariat
The Secretariat of the ARS is the Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS). The functions of the Secretariat are as follows:

a) To provide secretarial and administrative support to the ARB.
b) To manage the registration of the asatizah, act as a central point of contact and be the liaison party with the public.
c) To administer proper assessments / tests, as and when necessary.
d) To manage and maintain data and records.
e) To provide progress reports to Muis.


Recognised asatizah get the opportunity to participate in the asatizah developmental programmes organized by Muis Academy which include the Asatizah Executive Development Programme (AEDP), Roundtable Discussions and Engagement with Scholars, and Learning Journeys.       


To check whether an ustaz/ustazah is recognized, please call ARS Secretariat (PERGAS) for latest list at 63469347.      


To register, please click here and download the form. Registration can be done in person at the following address:       

        Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS)
        Wisma Indah 448
        Changi Road #03-01
        Singapore 419975

        Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 6 pm

A registration fee of $10.00 per application applies. You may also mail your application to the ARS Secretariat. Payment can be made via bank transfer to the following account:

           Bank Account Number : 629-704537-001        

           Bank Type                    : OCBC        

 (Please attach the transaction receipt along with the application form)         

For further information on this scheme, please refer to ARS Secretariat at 6346 9347 or email to         







Last update on : 22/9/2014