Muis online payment is presently available through eNETS Credit,Debit & FlexiPAY.
Credit payment is by VISA or Master card ONLY. Debit payment requires an Internet Banking UserID.
*Any amount below minimum payment of $30.00 is subject to a $0.90 transaction cost.

Pls read ourTerms of Usebefore proceeding to use the following services:


Zakat Payments

Allows calculation of Zakat payable & make payment online via internet banking.

Wakaf Contributions

Accepts Wakaf Ilmu contributionsvia internet banking.


Accepts donations for Madrasah, Mosque Building, Baitulmal & Rahmatan Lil Alamin funds via internet banking.

Fidyah Payments

Accepts online payments for fidyah via internet banking.


Halal Applications

Application for Halal certification, renewal & on-line payment via credit cards and internet banking.

The Singapore Halal Directory of Eating Establishments

The Singapore Halal Directory is an online directory of Singapore's Halal industry, published for Muis by Marshall Cavendish. This directory allow searches by Singapore Zones, Establishment categories, Company Name and Street Name.

Admin Support Letters

Application for administrative support letters for wearing long pants & Friday prayers.

Zakat Calculator

Interactive calculator with option for online payment.

Fidyah onLine Calculator

Basic calculator. DownloadFidyah calculator in Excel format here.

Religious Teachers Directory

Interactive listing of information on religious teachers.

If you encounter any problems with this service, please contact us at 62568188, or email You may also give us your comments at our onlinefeedback form.





Last update on : 11/7/2013