A Dream of Achievement and empowerment

As the globe ventured into the new millennium’s brave new world, a new era, too, arrived for the Muslim community in Singapore.

The dawn of the millennium saw the Muslim community soar with new achievements and a MUIS that continues to grow in strength, empowered by the Islamic community here.

Gearing up for challenges ahead, MUIS continues to have its finger on the pulse of the community. In a fast-changing world, MUIS will continue to stand strong and unmoveable in principles, providing the guidelines for the community to live and work by.

And herein lies the strength of MUIS – its dynamism and relevance in today’s fast changing world, moving ahead hand in hand with the strong support of the Muslim community.

Our Vision
Towards a Muslim Community of Excellence

Our Mission
To fulfil our role as the supreme Islamic authority in
Singapore and to guide in the building of an exemplary
Muslim community


President's Message

MUIS Council

Senior Management

1999 at a Glance

Religious leadership and guidance

Islamic convictions founded on Islamic principles

Family harmony and community synergy

Moving ahead with times

Striding into the future with confidence


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