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Asatizah Training Credits (ATC)



The Asatizah Training Credits (ATC) was was set up to encourage further development among asatizah and complement the national push for upskilling among Singaporeans.

Each asatizah will be given $200 worth of credits to offset the cost of CPE courses after the SkillsFuture subsidy. Asatizah can use these credits to enroll in courses under the five recommended skill categories: - Digital Literacy, Technology-Enabled Learning & Delivery, Grit & Resilience, Personal Development and Teamwork and Collaboration. These skills are also found in the Career & Competency Framework (CCF).

The credits expire on 31 December 2021 and the list of courses and dates will be updated quarterly

Please refer to the FAQ here for answers related to the Asatizah Training Credits.

List of Eligible Courses

Course Title Competency Who should attend
1 Computer Essentials Digital Literacy For Beginner
2 Online Collaboration Digital Literacy For Beginner
3 Online Essentials Digital Literacy For Beginner
4 SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (Educator Education) Tech Enabled Learning Delivery For Beginner
5 Develop Personal Effectiveness Personal Development & Lifelong Learning For Supervisory
6 Foster Team Adaptability Grit & Resilience For Supervisory
7 Essentials of Online Facilitation Tech Enabled Learning Delivery For Educator/Facilitator

Course Details

For more information on course dates, please click here.

To register for MENDAKI SENSE module(s), please click here

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Course Administration

For Self-Sponsored enrolment on ATC eligible courses, please refer to the following steps:


For FAQ on ATC matters (for Self-Sponsored), please click here.

For employer or Company-Sponsored, please click here for further queries pertaining on the following matters:

  • Course enrolment
  • ATC Reimbursement 
  • Absentee Payroll

For Enquiries 

For any enquiries, please contact:

Asatizah Training Credits (ATC)

Email: atc@mmwss.sg

Course Registration

Mendaki Sense

Kevan Twa
Email: kevan.twa@msense.sg

Nurul Jannah Hafid
Email: nurul.jannah@msense.sg

Republic Polytechnic

Mint Tay
Email: mint_tay@rp.edu.sg

Sumarni M N
Email: sumarni_m_n@rp.edu.sg