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Asatizah Training Credits (ATC)


The Asatizah Training Credits (ATC) was launched in 2020 to encourage further development among asatizah and complement the national push for upskilling among Singaporeans.

Each ARS asatizah is allocated $200 worth of credits to offset the cost of CPE courses after the SkillsFuture subsidy. Asatizah can use these credits to enroll in courses under the five recommended skill categories: - Digital Literacy, Digital Marketing, Technology-Enabled Learning & Delivery, Grit & Resilience and Personal Development and Life-long learning. These skills are also found in the Career & Competency Framework (CCF).

The credits expire on 31 December 2021 and the list of courses and dates will be updated quarterly.

List of Eligible Courses

1 Module(s) with Classroom format will be held at WIS@Changi, 116 Changi Road #05-01 S(419718)

2 Module(s) with Workshop formats will be held at RP ACE @ Woodlands


For more information on the available courses, please refer to the Asatizah Training Credits (ATC) Onboarding Guide.

This guide features:

  • Course Directory
  • Course Detail (With suitability and registration links for individual Asatizah)
  • Guide for Group Registration (Company-sponsored Asatizah)
  • FAQ

Course Administration

Important note(s):

1. You are eligible for SkillsFuture funding if you1:


2. Additional funding schemes:


1Information taken from SkillsConnect website.

2Information taken from SkillsFuture website.

3Information taken from e2i website.

4Information taken from PSEA-MOE website.

*13 years old and above for persons with disabilities (PWDs) who qualify under the Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme.


Registration Steps

For Self-Sponsored enrolment on ATC eligible courses, please refer to the following steps:



Registration Modes

Training Provider
Registration Mode
Individual (Self-Sponsorship)  Group (Company-Sponsorship)
1 Mendaki SENSE Click here Click here
2 Republic Polytechnic

Please refer to the Onboarding Guide for registration links for individual Asatizah.

Please download the Registration Form (For Company) and upload the completed file here.
3 Ngee Ann Polytechnic Click here Please download the Registration Form (For Company) and upload the completed file here.
4 NTUC LearningHub Click here Please download the Registration Form (For Company) and upload the completed file here.

For Enquiries 

For any enquiries on Asatizah Training Credits (ATC):

Email    : atc@mmwss.sg

Hotline : 6653 3749


For general enquiries, we will reply within 5 working days. For complex enquiries where we need time to conduct further checks and investigation, we ask for your patience and understanding if we take a longer time to respond.