IECP Registration

Application Process for New and Existing IECPs

All IECPs must appoint a manager to be a liaison with Muis, preferably the highest authority within the IECP (e.g. Mudir/Head of Centre).

For IECPs with more than one branch, each branch is required to register individually.

All applications should be made by the IECP manager using the prescribed registration form downloadable here and to be submitted by post to the following address:

     IECP Registration
     ARS Office
     Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
     273 Braddell Road
     Singapore 579702

And email to

Approval of registration will be made within 2 months if no additional information is required. Existing IECPs (established before 1 January 2017) may continue to run their centres while registration is being processed. New IECPs will need to seek Muis’ approval before publicising their courses and taking in students. The period of registration validity is 3 years.

An IECP registered under Muis is also encouraged to register as an entity either as a business/company with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), or a society with the Registry of Societies (ROS) before registering with Muis.

Those already registered with ACRA or ROS are expected to update their key business/activity as providers of religious education.

The IECP must ensure that its registered name is the same one registered under the Companies Act (Cap. 50) or the Societies Act (Cap. 311).