Muis 50

In conjunction with Muis 50th anniversary as well as in preparation of Muis’ roles in the future, we organised a series of conversations with our stakeholders, partners and members of the public, to collaboratively think about future challenges and opportunities for the Singapore Muslim Community.

Through the Muis50 Conversations, we had the unique opportunity to consult and leverage the thoughtful and critical minds of our partners, stakeholders and even members of the public. We are humbled by the overall experience, which had truly been an instructive and refreshing series of engagement.

Many insightful ideas were surfaced from 20 exciting conversation sessions involving more than 600 individuals of various professional backgrounds. In addition to the engagement sessions, a public feedback channel was also made available from January to March 2018.

As Muis looks forward to plan, develop and implement new programmes and initiatives, we look forward to your participation and involvement. Let’s forge ahead together into the future, Striving with Confidence, Serving with Compassion, and continue to build a progressive and vibrant socio-religious life of the Singapore Muslim community.


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Last updated on 25/7/2019