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1. What is the total Haj quota of Singapore this year?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has granted Singapore with a quota of 407 Haj places.

2. What are the prevailing conditions and requirements?

The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has announced that this year’s haj will be allocated (a) for pilgrims under 65 years old in 2022, (b) who must be COVID-19 vaccinated with KSA-approved vaccine and (c) must submit a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test within 72 hours from the time of departure to KSA

3. If I do not meet the prevailing conditions and requirements, can I appeal?

The prevailing conditions and requirements are set by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and apply to all haj pilgrims. Hence, there is no room for appeal.

4. How does Muis re-allocate Haj places?

Given the deferment of Haj 2020 and 2021 for Singaporean pilgrims, Muis will re-allocate the limited Haj quota to pilgrims who were supposed to perform their haj in year 2020 and now meet the conditions and requirements for Haj 2022.

Muis will re-allocate pilgrims with the given Haj places based on first-come-first-serve basis, in accordance with their Haj registration dates. Pilgrims who are not re-allocated with the Haj places will be deferred to Haj 2023.

5. What will happen to my Haj place if I cannot travel due to health conditions or financial difficulties?

You are advised to defer to another year of your choice. Muis will facilitate your deferment request.

6. What happen to my Haj place if I fail the PCR tests before departure and upon arrival in Saudi Arabia?

Once you are issued with a Haj visa by the Saudi authorities, you are already registered as a confirmed pilgrim of Haj 2022 and by then, you would also need to have purchased your Haj packages including flight tickets from the Haj travel agent.

If you fail the PCR test before departure or upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, you may not be able to fulfil your intention to perform Haj. In that case, you may not be issued with another Haj visa on the following year by the Saudi authorities. You would also need to discuss with your Haj travel agent on the refund of your purchased Haj packages including flight tickets. You are also strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance that covers trip cancellation and trip curtailment.

Given the current COVID-19 circumstances, your place will be retained in the Haj queue system. Muis will appeal to the Saudi authorities for the issuance of your Haj visa for the following year. However, you may wish to note that the Saudi authorities has the sole discretion with regards to the issuance of Haj places.

7. If I cannot travel to Saudi Arabia because I failed the PCR test before departure, what will happen to my other family member(s) who passed the PCR test?

Your other family member(s) can continue with their Haj travel plans. However, if they decide to defer their Haj plans at the very last minute, they will be subject to the situation as explained in Q6.

8. What will happen to my Haj place if I am not vaccinated?

COVID-19 vaccination has been made compulsory for travellers around the world. With reference to the current requirement for pilgrims performing Umrah, they must be vaccinated and present their vaccination certification upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Given the vaccination requirement, pilgrims who are not vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated due to health conditions will not be eligible to travel to Saudi Arabia. Hence, pilgrims may consider deferring to another year of their choice or cancelling their Haj registrations.

9. When will Muis inform me of my Haj place?

Muis will inform allocated pilgrims to collect the Letter of Offer by 5 May 2022.

10. When can I purchase my Haj packages from my preferred Haj Travel Agents?

Muis will appoint travel agents for the provision of services for the purpose of Haj 2022 on 4 May 2022. You are advised not to commit in any contractual agreement and/or making monetary deposits with any travel agents unless instructed by Muis.