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Haj Appeal System

The allocation of places for Haj is based on the Advanced Haj Registration System (AHRS) and on a first-come-first serve basis (on registration date). This ensures the allocation of places to be fair and transparent and registrants should respect this queue system. Only in exceptional circumstances, Muis will allow for appeals. For example:

  • Terminal or critical medical condition
  • Old age or physical condition
  • Caregiver for those with terminal/critical medical condition and/or old age
  • Fulfilment of mahram to meet visa requirement

Each of the appeal cases will be considered on a case-to-case basis by the Pilgrimage Committee. The Pilgrimage Committee consists of senior community leaders and a panel of medical doctors who will objectively assess all appeal cases.

To avoid the abuse of this appeal system for those who intend to hasten their Haj, strict criteria has been set to guide the Pilgrimage Committee in allocating places to appeal cases. Priority will be given to appeals that fulfil at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Those who are first timers
  • Those that have registered more than 3 years
  • Those who are suffering from terminal/critical illnesses that have been certified by a doctor
  • Those who are aged 67 and above at the point of appeal

Applicants for Haj are advised not to file an appeal if they do not fulfil the appeal criteria mentioned. Every year Muis receives more than 1,000 appeals, with a majority of which do not fulfil the criteria.


For Haj 2020 all appeals will have to be submitted via the online Haj Appeal System. In order to access this system, all appellants must have a valid Singpass account. If you do not have a Singpass account, you can apply for one at:  www.singpass.gov.sg

You may also apply for a Singpass account at Singpass counter locations mentioned in the website to obtain your password immediately.

As it may take a few days to obtain your Singpass account (if apply online), appellants are advised to apply for a Singpass account early to avoid missing the appeal window period.

To submit your appeal for Haj 2020, please click on the link: go.gov.sg/hajappeal

The application for appeals for Haj 2020 must be submitted between 25 November to 31 December 2019 (deadline). You will be informed of the outcome of your appeal by 28 February 2020.

Those who are appealing based on medical reasons are required to attach their full medical reports to support their appeal. Please ensure that all medical reports are ready in soft copy to be uploaded to the online Haj Appeal system.

The window for appeals submission for Haj 2020 is now closed. The window for appeals submission for Haj 2021 will be announced after the end of Haj 2020 season.