Limited Balloting Scheme (LBS)

The Limited Balloting Scheme (LBS) is designed to be a fair, efficient and transparent process to fill up the additional haj places within limited and short duration of time. The scheme will be integrated with MyHajSG, the interface for the current AHRS’ applicants. The balloting matrix will be computerised and automated designed to manage any complex and specific pre-requisites set by KSA for the current Haj season.

Please see the media release for more information. 

Qualifying Criteria

1 Minimum Duration in Waiting Queue 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2017
2 Frequency First-timer only
3 Group Limit Maximum of 5 eligible applicants per group
4 Application Fee $50.00 per applicant


For FAQs on Limited Balloting Scheme, click here