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Address 23 Mayo St (208323) [Note: Our office will be closed until further notice]
Contacting Hours
Mondays to Thursdays
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
9:00 am to 12:30 pm
2:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Mainline 6011 0037
Email For general enquiries: info@muis.gov.sg.
For LicenceOne/GoBusiness matters: HC_sys@muis.gov.sg
For feedback (including complaints): qsm@muis.gov.sg

Alternatively, you can contact the officers directly at the following contact number/email: 

Name Contact  / Extension Number Email Address
Nurul Hidayah Abubakar 6812 6066 / 2000 Nurul_Hidayah_ABUBAKAR@muis.gov.sg
Halal Assurance (Audit)
Nur Hanis Faisal 2008 Nur_Hanis_FAISAL@muis.gov.sg
Farhanah Yunos 2005 Farhanah_YUNOS@muis.gov.sg
Nur Khairina Khair 2009 Nur_Khairina_MOHAMED_KHAIR@muis.gov.sg
Siti Nurzakiah Hashim 2007 Siti_Nurzakiah_HASHIM@muis.gov.sg
Muhd Nasrul Ibrahim 2004 Muhd_Nasrul_IBRAHIM@muis.gov.sg
Nur Arinah Shapandi 2006 Nur_Arinah_SHAPANDI@muis.gov.sg
Nurenilda Mokhtar 2010 Nurenilda_Faraedayu_MOKHTAR@muis.gov.
Nur Zarifah Bachtiar Evendi 2011 Nur_Zarifah_BACHTIAR_EVENDI@muis.gov.sg
Nurshilah Abdul Wahid
2021 Nurshilah_ABDUL_WAHID@muis.gov.sg
Muhd Al-Muhsan
2022 Muhd_Al_Muhsan_SIDEK@muis.gov.sg
Zahirah Ibrahim
2016  Zahirah_IBRAHIM@muis.gov.sg
Mohd Shah Rizal
2017 Mohd_Shah_Rizal_INTAJALLE@muis.gov.sg
Farzana Afiqah Roslee
2013  Farzana_Afiqah_ROSLEE@muis.gov.sg
Amend Application
Abdul Rahman Lum 2001 Abdul_Rahman_LUM@muis.gov.sg
Nurul Khalisah Mazlan
2014 Nurul_Khalisah_MAZLAN@muis.gov.sg
Certificate Issuance
Nur Azrina Ahmad 2025 Nur_Azrina_AHMAD@muis.gov.sg
Nur Sila Abu Samah 2026 Nur_Sila_ABU_SAMAH@muis.gov.sg
Nurul Assyakirin Johar 2027 Nurul_Assyakirin_JOHAR@muis.gov.sg
Nur Farhanah Jaafar 2027 Nur_Farhanah_JAAFAR@muis.gov.sg
 Finance (Halal) Related
Public Feedback
Muhd Lutfi Salim 2021 Muhd_Lutfi_SALIM@muis.gov.sg
Mohd Nazri Ahmad Dali
2015 Mohd_Nazri_AHMAD_DALI@muis.gov.sg
Danish Khan Saleh
- Danish_Khan_Saleh@muis.gov.sg
Halal Supply Network
Mohd Sarizal Sapuan 2023 Mohd_Sarizal_SAPUAN@muis.gov.sg
Sharifuddin Mohamed Ali 2024 Sharifuddin_MOHAMED_ALI@muis.gov.sg
Stakeholder Engagement
Nur Aini Hamid 2002 Nur_Aini_HAMID@muis.gov.sg
Musliha Muhamad 2010 Musliha_MUHAMAD@muis.gov.sg
Norazizah Mahshuri 2018 Norazizah_MASHURI@muis.gov.sg
Haziqah Haron
2012 Haziqah_HARON@muis.gov.s
Shariffah Gamar Syed Abdul Rahman
2012 Shariffah_Gamar_SYED_AR@muis.gov.sg
Muis LicenceOne-GoBusiness
Ismail Abdul Fitrey 2020 Ismail_ABDUL_FITREY@muis.gov.sg
Razali Shariff 2028 Razali_MOHD_SHARIFF@muis.gov.sg