Halal Standards


The Singapore Muis Halal Standards (SMHS) have been developed by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), in collaboration with SPRING Singapore (national standards body) and Muis-appointed Halal standards committee, comprising religious scholars, industry players and government officials.


1) To provide transparent religious and technical guidelines pertaining to Halal certification
2) To enhance consistency with regard to compliance with Muis Halal certification terms and conditions
3) To facilitate trade and other business opportunities

Consultation Process

The SMHS had undergone intensive scrutiny and review from members of the Halal standards committee. Feedbacks were also sought from local and foreign government bodies, organisations, institutions, scholars, religious and scientific experts, academicians, captains of relevant industries, Halal practitioners as well as members of the general public and considered for inception into this document. Extensive public consultation on the SMHS is necessary to ensure practicality and relevance to the Halal industry.

SMHS Components

The SMHS comprise 2 components - religious and technical, namely:

i) General Guidelines for the Handling & Processing of Halal Food (MUIS-HC-S001)
ii) General Guidelines for the Development & Implementation of a Halal Quality Management System (MUIS-HC-S002)

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