Media Statement - Mufti Mohamed Fatris Statement on MHA Detainee


12 June 2017

  1. I am deeply troubled by the news of the latest arrest – that someone so young could have been swayed by these nefarious beliefs, and would want to throw her life away. I would like to urge the community to take the matter of self-radicalisation very seriously. In this blessed month, we need more than ever to reflect on the lessons to be gleaned from this incident.

  2. We have always urged the community to practice the maxim of amal ma’aruf nahi mungkar – to enjoin that which is good and to prevent that which is evil. This means to agree upon, to promote and to do what is universally understood to be good and to reject strongly vile acts and beliefs nurtured by ISIS as they have no basis in the teachings of Islam.

  3. We do this as brothers and sisters, as fathers and mothers, as friends and colleagues. Yet, we should know that we should not stand alone as we strive to reject evil and attain grace and compassion, or rahmah. We stand together as a community, ready to help each other, and feeding off each other’s strengths.

  4. We should not hesitate to seek the help of those in our community who are better equipped to deal with certain challenges. Difficult as it may be, but we must not hesitate to work with the authorities and with the Religious Rehabilitation Group because it is only by doing so that we can save our loved ones.

  5. One life lost to exclusivism and extremism is one life too many.


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