Media Statement - Muis Statement on MHA Detainee


12 June 2017

  1. This incident is a reminder that there should not be any let-up in our fight against extremist and radicalised teachings. Muis and our partners will continue to work hard to inoculate the community against exclusivism and extremism, and safeguarding against such ideas from taking root, through multiple platforms, from Islamic education classes to Friday sermons, specialised engagements and through public education efforts at all levels including through the social media.

  2. This incident reinforces that the danger of self-radicalisation is very real. An individual may fall prey to false narratives and teachings on the internet and social media, such that even a real life support structure may not be able to counter them.

  3. Such is the danger of social media – how a person can be drawn in to a world which they think will provide them with what they may be seeking but have their lives taken over. The community needs to be very wary of the carefully crafted messages which ISIS and similar movements are projecting on social media. We need to be vigilant to detect tell-tale signs of, when sympathy for such causes take root.

  4. This incident also reinforces that we may not personally possess the capability to help those who are on the path to radicalisation, no matter how well-meaning our intentions. The best way to help our friends and loved ones is to seek the help of experts. This is for the good of the individual, and the community. The community can also approach Muis at 63591199 and the Religious Rehabilitation Group is ready to help at 1800-7747747 as well as via the RRG Mobile App.


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