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Media Statement - Muis Response to Recent MHA Arrests


16 March 2016

  1. The recent spate of terrorist attacks internationally and the recent MHA arrests in Singapore clearly show that the threat of terrorism and extremism is real and ongoing. In particular, the arrests show that there are institutions abroad that may masquerade as centers of Islamic learning but are actually involved in armed conflict and militant activities, and/or propagate extremist ideologies. These schools prey on the vulnerable, especially those that come to them with the intent of deepening their religious belief.

  2. We therefore strongly urge Muslims in Singapore who wish to study Islam to approach only recognised religious teachers (asatizah) for guidance and advice. For those who wish to study in foreign institutions, please consult Muis through its Students Resource Development Secretariat (SRDS) which provides guidance and the necessary support on the appropriate overseas institutions for Islamic studies. We would also like to encourage parents and family members to play a more active role in guiding their loved ones to proper sources of Islamic learning, as outlined above.

  3. As a community, we must continue to be vigilant and ensure that no extremist elements are tolerated in our society. We must continue to uphold Islamic teachings that encourage constructive development of societies, relevant to contemporary needs, and are suited to our context. Muis, in partnership with mosques and local institutions, has introduced various programmes of Islamic learning, such as aLIVE and ADIL (Adult Islamic Learning) that seek to achieve these objectives.

  4. Muis is partnering with the Singapore Bangladesh Society to explore further initiatives to support Bangladeshi workers in their socio-religious life and to integrate them into our local community.
    Finally, Muis reiterates its call for the Singapore Muslim community to remain vigilant and not let any teachings that promote violence and extremism take root in our society.


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