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Media Statement on Prohibited Publications


20 November 2018

1.  The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) has conducted a thorough assessment of three publications. Muis found that the publications advocate problematic and extremist views that promote enmity and hatred between Muslims and others, and encourage a culture of violence

2.  The book Things That Nullify One’s Islaam promotes hatred and animosity towards non-Muslims, and makes an obligation for any Muslim to hate the disbelievers and have animosity towards them, and not to ally oneself with them, even if they were the closest of a Muslim’s relatives”. The author states that a Muslim will be regarded as an apostate if he displays love, provides assistance or helps non-Muslims. The author also claims that “Whoever loves the disbelievers has disbelieved. A person takes them as allies by helping them and assisting them, or by loving them. Either way he has disbelieved.”

3.  The book What Islam Is All About (Student Textbook) propagates the importance of establishing an Islamic state. The author accuses Muslim rulers of being hypocrites and slaves to the Christians – for example he states that although the Muslim land may have been freed of direct control from Christian countries, it was not truly free because the men trained by the Christians simply moved into power and maintained the same un-Islamic and alien system. Thus we see that the Muslim countries have not yet returned to being Islamic nations. Such views may lead to intolerance and cause non-discerning readers to develop animosity towards the West. In addition to the above, he denigrates non-Muslims, particularly Christians.  For instance, the author claims that “Because Christianity is man-made, it can never hold together as a unified belief.”

4. The book The Wisdom of Jihad urges Muslims to wage armed Jihad (struggle) against non-Muslims, as well as Muslims who do not conform with the author’s view of Jihad. The book makes the following claims:

  1. The “real objective” of armed Jihad is to establish an Islamic State, which in turn would bring about “true peace” and allow Muslims to exercise “freedom in all aspects of their life”.

  2. One cannot die as a Muslim under a colonial power where the whole Islamic system of life is not put into practice.

  3. The abrogation of armed Jihad is part of colonial indoctrination to keep Muslims under control.

5.  Essentially, this book shares the same exclusivist and radical narratives as ISIS, and also glorifies a Muslim rebel group in the Philippines, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).  

6.  In summary, these three books promote dangerous ideas that have been widely circulated in radical circles to justify crimes and violence. They run contrary to a peaceful, moderate understanding and practice of Islam in multi-cultural societies, and are harmful to socio-religious life in Singapore.

7.  Muis has recommended that all three publications should be restricted from circulation in Singapore. MCI has prohibited these books under the Undesirable Publications Act.

8. Muis would like to remind the public that it is an offence to distribute any prohibited publication by any means. It is also an offence for any person to (a) possess any prohibited publication or (b) come into possession of any prohibited publication but fail to deliver the copy to the Police. Those convicted of an offence could be liable to a fine, imprisonment or both.



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