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Muis Disburses $2.5 million through Year-End Disbursement


6 December 2018

1.  The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) will disburse over $2.5 million through the annual Year-End Disbursement (YED) which comprises Bonuses and Back-To-School Vouchers and Activities to 4,459 low-income families across all four Mosque Clusters. This pay-out is eligible to families receiving the monthly Financial Assistance (FA) from Muis.

2.  The YED is in addition to the monthly FA received by zakat recipients, supplementing other national assistance schemes for the disadvantaged. This increase in YED as well as number of recipients is made possible by the revisions made to the per capita income (PCI) eligibility criteria in September 2018. The YED aims to supplement expenses for families with school-going children before school term starts in January 2019.

Back-To-School Vouchers

3.  Zakat-receiving children under the FA Scheme who have been actively participating in core programmes at the mosques will also be receiving “Back-To-
School” kits or vouchers. These will be distributed island-wide at selected mosques until end December.

4.  The children also benefited from enrichment programmes such as learning journeys, team-building and motivational talks under the “Back-To-School Activities” programme which was piloted in 2017. The programme has continue to instil and develop self-esteem in students, and give them confidence to work in teams to better prepare them for the school year.

5.  A total of 1724 children will be benefitting from BTS component (voucher and activities) with an allocation of $163,650, which is a decrease of 15% ($192,670) from last year. This is because the number of children benefiting from this has decreased by 14.2%. This will be disbursed through the Mosque Clusters.


6.  Close to $400,00 will be disbursed to families with children aged 18 years old and below, as part of the yearly Reqab (Study) Bonus. 5,420 children will benefit from this bonus. One eligible child can receive $100 whereas families with two or more eligible children will receive $70 each.

7.  Muis would like to thank the Singapore Muslim community for the unwavering support and generous zakat donations throughout 2018.