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PROMAS Performace Award and Disbursement Ceremony 2018


14 July 2018

26 secondary and pre-university madrasah students were awarded the Progress Fund Madrasah Assistance Scheme (PROMAS) Performance Award from Guest-of-Honour, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Social and Family Development & Ministry of Education, Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim at the PROMAS Performance Award and Disbursement Ceremony 2018 on Saturday, 14 July 2018. These students have shown excellent results in the 2017 examinations.

PROMAS is a scheme for students from all six full-time madrasahs whose families are either receiving zakat financial assistance or are eligible for assistance. Modelled after the Financial Assistance Scheme offered by the Ministry of Education, PROMAS which began in 2010, has disbursed over $3.4 million to needy madrasah students.

In his door stop interview with media, Dr Faishal Ibrahim commented:

“The performance of our madrasah students have greatly improved and I believe this is through the continuing support from the community and also the government towards teacher development. It takes a village to develop a child and the support from the community has helped the madrasah sector to continue producing a madrasah students of quality. I would like to congratulate the award recipients today and encourage them to discover new knowledge and pursue their aspirations. I attest that it is not easy to focus on your studies and having to face challenges at the same times, but despite that, our madrasah students have done well. I believe that as a community we must continue to support our madrasahs and enhance the educational journey of our students to become positive role models in our society.”

In his opening remarks, Deputy Chief Executive of Muis, Mr Esa Masood highlighted the importance of community support for our madrasahs and the importance of supporting our good performing students. He reiterated that as we recognise our students’ achievements, our teachers play an equally important role, and Muis is committed to support the passion and professional development of our madrasah teachers.

In 2017, approximately $397,000 was utilised by students in all six full-time madrasahs. Muis will continue to allocate another $488,000 for PROMAS in 2018 for financial assistance to cover school expenses such as school fees, transportation and enrichment programmes.