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Preparation on Track for Korban 2018


21 August 2018

      Preparation are well on track for korban 2018. The annual ritual, set to take place on Hari Raya Aidiladha tomorrow, will be held across 26 centres in Singapore.  

2          Mosque staff and volunteers are trained and well prepared for korban operations. Measures have also been taken to ensure adequate care for the livestock.

3          Chairman of the Singapore Mosque Korban Committee (JKMS), Sharifuddin Mohammed Ali said:

“As per previous years, JKMS and the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) have jointly conducted training on various aspects of animal care and handling for our korban volunteers. As we see more youth volunteering, seasoned korban volunteers are also on hand to share their experiences and to guide the newer ones. These training sessions are very important in ensuring all centres adopt the same high level of standards and that korban operations will be carried out smoothly. We are committed to ensure all parties fully observe and comply with international animal welfare guidelines, which are in line with the teachings of Islam.”

4          Similar to previous years, representatives from Muis, JKMS as well as AVA will be present at all Korban centres. Korban operations at all centres will follow standard operating procedures to ensure that animal welfare and food hygiene standards are observed. As part of the requirement under ESCAS[1], the Korban to be performed will be audited by international auditors.

 Arrival of Korban Livestock

5          The shipments of 3,700 livestock from Australia arrived in Singapore on two flights on 20th Aug 2018. All livestock have been transferred to 26 approved korban centres that have met the ESCAS requirements for the export of livestock.

6          Commenting on the arrival of livestock for the annual Korban ritual in Singapore, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs Mr Masagos Zulkifli expressed his appreciation at the close collaboration between Muis, JKMS, AVA and volunteers who would be involved over the next few days in ensuring that the annual Korban ritual in Singapore is carried out smoothly. 

“I am thankful that all the livestock has arrived safely without any incident. This is made possible through the hard work put in by all parties, including our strong network of volunteers, in ensuring that the Korban rituals can be carried out in Singapore. This meaningful ritual reflects the spirit of sacrifice and charity that brings together Muslims in Singapore and all over the world. I wish all Muslims a blessed AidilAdha. Selamat Hari Raya Haji.”

Reminder to public

7          As per the practice in previous korban, only individuals and their families participating in the korban are allowed to witness the slaughter of their specific livestock. They are not allowed to perform the slaughter themselves. Only authorised and trained personnel would have access to the korban operations areas. No photo-taking or video-recording are allowed in any part of the Korban operations areas.

8          We wish to seek the cooperation of all parties to ensure that the Korban rites 2018 will proceed smoothly. We wish to thank all parties participating in the Korban and members of the public for their cooperation.




[1] ESCAS is a regulatory framework implemented by the Australian Government in 2012 to ensure that livestock exported from Australia to different countries are treated in accordance to the World Organisation for Animal Health’s (OIE) internationally accepted animal welfare standards. To comply, the Australian exporter must provide a report from an independent and internationally accredited auditor to certify that livestock to be exported meet the standards required from the farm to the point of slaughter.