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Muis Statement on Detention Orders as Announced by MHA


12 September 2018

1. The latest announcement by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on the arrest of a Singaporean individual, Hussein Abdul Kadir s/o Sheikh Uduman, a 33-year-old male detained under the Internal Security Act is a reminder that the threats of terrorism and self-radicalisation through exposure to online extremist propaganda remain alive.

2. This latest case of self-radicalisation reinforces the danger of seeking religious knowledge from the internet. It is possible for individuals to be swayed by the narratives of foreign radical ideologues, who misinterpret the religion to incite violence and promote terrorism.

3. Muis would like to remind the Muslim community to seek knowledge from credible sources, in particular from asatizah or religious teachers registered under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS), who are guided by the Code of Ethics of the ARS.

4. Anyone interested in a consultation session with an asatizah from the Asatizah Youth Network on issues related to questionable concepts and doctrines may contact Masjid Al-Falah at 6235 3172 to arrange for an appointment.

5. The Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) is also ready to help and can be contacted at 1800-774 7747 as well as via the RRG Mobile App. The community can also approach Muis at 6359 1199.