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Haj Season 2018/1439H Comes to a Close


17 September 2018

1 All Singaporean Haj pilgrims 2018/1439H have returned to Singapore after performing their pilgrimage in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The last group of pilgrims arrived in Singapore on Sunday, 16 September.

2 Head of Delegation and President of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), Hj Mohammad Alami Musa had earlier commented that this year’s Haj season has been one of the best for Singaporean pilgrims in 15 years. He added that this would not have been possible without the assistance of staff of the Saudi Embassy, and Saudi authorities who were instrumental in facilitating a smooth Haj experience for our pilgrims this year.

3 Muis express gratitude to the various Saudi organisations who helped in ensuring that safety and welfare of pilgrims are looked after - the Saudi Health Authorities, the Muassasah South East Asia and Maktab officials who were directly involved in providing services in Arafah and Mina, as well as Medina Adillah for their assistance in Madinah.

4 Muis also extend its appreciation to the Association of Muslim Travel Agents (AMTAS) and the General Sales Agents (GSAs) for the success of Haj Season 2018/1439H.