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31 January 2019

1. Madrasahs remain an important component in the holistic education of Muslim community. As such, the education framework of local madrasah system will constantly be upgraded to nurture religious educators who are both effective and contributive to the larger community, said Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Mr Masagos Zulkifli. He also added that the teaching of Islam is contextualise to meet the needs of the local community here in Singapore, and religious teachers are well entrenched with the right values having gone through the madrasah system. 

2. Mr Masagos was speaking on the side lines of the Madrasah Teachers Symposium held at Suntec City Convention Centre earlier today, where he was the Guest-of-Honour. 330 madrasah leaders and educators attended the symposium, participating in 10 sharing sessions which culminated in a forum entitled “Future of Madrasah Teachers in Singapore”. In his opening address, Chief Executive of Muis Mr Esa Masood said:

3. “Our pioneers set forth the foundation for our madrasahs, the teachers, asatizah and leaders worked tirelessly and selflessly to cultivate and develop the minds and hearts of their pupils. In the context of a more volatile and complex environment, madrasahs today playing an even more important role in shaping the community’s religious life. By nurturing our future corps of asatizah, they will in turn shoulder the responsibility of passing on positive Islamic education and values to the next generation.”

4. Mr Masagos also gave out the Muis50 Contemporary Madrasah Leader Award, conferred to six current and former madrasah leaders. Among those who were accorded with the prestigious award is Hj Mohd Ma’Mun H M Fadhlullah Suhimi, who is currently the chairman of Madrasah Al-Ma’arif Management Committee and an active member of the Joint Committee on madrasah education. All six distinguished award recipients have each served for a continuous period of at least 15 years as a chairmen, committee members or principals . Mr Masagos also presented the Muis Social Work Study Award to seven students who is pursuing higher education is Social Work. 

5. The award, announced during Muis’ Work Plan Seminar last year, is aimed at recognising and supporting the achievements and development of students pursuing studies in social work and social service studies.