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Muis Workplan Seminar 2019 - Beginning of the Sixth Muis' Three-Year Plan (6M3YP)



1. Disruption has become a new norm, and much has been said and discussed about how Singapore should be nimble to tackle and respond to these phenomenon. And the Muslim community in Singapore will need to adopt the same approach as it’s socio-religious needs are constantly evolving. To help the community manage that, Singapore’s highest Islamic authority, Muis, will need to navigate the community’s evolving needs and expectations, to enable the community to not only thrives and participates in a multi-cultural and secular society, but also gives back and contributes to the wider society. Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Minister-in-Charge of Muslim Affairs, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, made the remarks in a speech as Muis lay out its strategic plan for the next three years at its Work Plan Seminar this morning.

2. At the seminar attended by some 270 stakeholders and partners, Muis outlined four areas that will be its focus under its 6th 3-Year Plan (6M3YP) planning cycle, based on feedback and consultations from its stakeholders, partners and members of the public. Firstly, strengthening support  and development of its asatizah (religious teachers). Secondly, to strengthen and build on the excellent social cohesion thus ensuring a confident and adaptive community that thrives in secular state. Thirdly, rallying support for the better-off to help the vulnerable and the under-served segment of the community, and lastly, strengthening and enhancing the capabilities of its religious institution to better serve the community.

3. Speaking earlier at the media briefing, Chief Executive of Muis, Mr Esa Masood, highlighted that strong socio-religious networks are critical in realising the goal of living harmoniously in a secular state and diverse society like Singapore. He added that efforts to reinforce social cohesion include strengthening the Singapore Muslim Identity values of Religiously Resilient, Inclusive, Contributive, Adaptive and Progressive, as well as enhancing Islamic Education especially for the young.

“We have to start from young, as we educate our young in the religious values. We need to encourage them to be confident and be able to participate in Singapore society. Our religious education will be strengthened to enable our young to thrive to live not only as good Muslim, but also as active Singaporeans and contributing to the larger community.

4. Muis will also look into giving greater attention to four community segments over the next three years. These are the low income, the incarcerated and their families, the youth and the elderly. Muis will leverage on its network under the M3 initiatives to reach out and provide assistance for these groups. Added Mr Esa:

“Another important area of Muis work will be how do we galvanise the energy and resources of the better off segment of the society, to serve the under-served in the community, those who may need additional help and those who may have social challenges. And for this we hope to work with various partners, as well as other agencies, to work together and serve the needs of our larger society.”

5. In his speech, Mr Masagos also spoke about the increasing complexity and scope of Muis’ work and strengthening the leadership rank in Muis. He announced the creation of two new Deputy Mufti posts to support Mufti Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakaram in providing religious guidance on important initiatives for the community. Dr Nazirudin Nasir, currently the Senior Director for Religious Policy and Development, will be appointed as Deputy Mufti from 1 May 2019. Dr Nazirudin said:

“I am indeed honoured to be given this opportunity to support our Mufti in his important work to provide religious guidance and leadership to our Muslim community. I will do my utmost and I seek the doa and support of the community to fulfil this huge responsibility and uphold the trust given to me.”

6. Muis also launched a publication “Striving with Confidence, Serving with Compassion”, a book that looked back on the past 50 years through the lens of Muis’ leaders, stakeholders, clients and beneficiaries. A panel discussion was also conducted at the seminar, where Muis Senior Management team provide updates and further explanation, as well as answering questions on the upcoming plans fielded by participants.



PDF icon Factsheet on 6th Muis' Three-Year Plan (6M3YP)