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Muis' Statement on the Order of Detention Against 2 Singaporeans


25 July 2019

1. The recent case of the two Singaporeans placed on Detention Orders under the Internal Security Act reinforces the dangers of seeking religious guidance over the internet from untrusted sources, particularly those from overseas. 

2.      Muis urges the Muslim community to seek religious guidance only from credible religious teachers and religious schools registered under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme, which has robust mechanisms in place to preserve and protect the religious life of the community. 

3.      Despite the debunking of ISIS’ radical ideologies on mainstream and social media, it is regrettable that both individuals fell prey to ISIS influence online. 

4.      There is thus a need to remain vigilant against exclusivist and extremist teachings and it is important for family members and friends to help an individual who shows signs of radicalisation, by referring him or her to the relevant community organisations or authorities. The community may also contact Muis at 6359 1199, the Religious Rehabilitation Group helpline at 1800 774 7747, or via the RRG Mobile App as well as the Asatizah Youth Network via the Muslim.SG mobile app.