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Muis' Statement in Support of Amendments to Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (MRHA)


02 September 2019

1. Muis is deeply committed to the preservation of religious harmony and social cohesion in Singapore. Muis and our mosques have various initiatives to strengthen ties with other faith communities, and programmes to improve inter-faith understanding. Our asatizah abide by a Code of Ethics, so that they can give the community guidance appropriate in the context of Singapore. Most recently, Muis and the Singapore Muslim community unequivocally endorsed the Commitment to Safeguard Religious Harmony. 

2.      In addition to such proactive measures by religious communities to strengthen social cohesion, Muis also agrees that it is important that the necessary legislative measures be in place to safeguard religious harmony in Singapore. The government has consulted Muis on its proposals to update the MRHA to make it more current. We have offered our input, and strongly support the amendments to the MRHA. We hope that the ground- up efforts by religious communities in Singapore, together with a clear set of laws to protect religious harmony, will strengthen mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence in our religiously diverse society.