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29 July 16 Media Statement - Muis Response to the Arrest of Individuals


29 July 2016

  1. In response to media queries, Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir, Director, Religious Policy Division, Muis said: “The threat of radicalisation and extremism is real as recent incidents worldwide and the local arrests show. The path to radicalisation begins with sympathising and identifying with radical ideologies.

  2. We must not let this take root in our society because such ideologies only seek to destroy our social fabric and harmony through their isolationist and exclusivist teachings and the rejection of the principles of a secular state such as Singapore. Traditional Islamic concepts such as the ‘caliphate’ are also misappropriated by such groups for their destructive and violent ends. For Muslims in Singapore, there is no incompatibility nor contradiction between practising Islam and living in Singapore.

  3. We must always seek answers from credible sources. This becomes even more important when information is readily available on open sources such as the internet and social media. Checking with peers, family and most importantly, credible teachers, are important safeguards against acquiring problematic teachings and being led astray and radicalised.” 


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