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Media Statement - Foreign preachers not allowed to enter Singapore web


30 October 2017

  1. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, Muis assesses applications for foreign preachers to speak during events in Singapore, and in doing so, reviews the background of these preachers, including what they have propagated in the past.

  2. Muis does not support applications for foreign preachers whose views contravene the Code of Ethics under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme, and whose ideas are deeply problematic and very unsuited to a multi religious context in Singapore. This includes teachings with absolutist leanings.

  3. One of the foreign speakers referred to in the Ministry of Home Affairs Press Release was found to assert the view that wishing others during their religious festivals is totally prohibited and will nullify a Muslim’s faith. Another preacher advocated that non-Muslims in multi-cultural and multi-religious society should be made subservient to Muslims.

  4. Muis finds that these teachings clearly contravene the Code of Ethics and run counter to the values Singaporean Muslims uphold dearly that can contribute to a progressive and thriving religious life in Singapore. Muis has thus not supported applications by these preachers.