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Muis Statement on Detention Orders for Sep to Nov 2017 Announced by MHA


9 November 2017

  1. The announcements by MHA on the three radicalised individuals who were dealt with under the Internal Security Act is a stark reminder that the threat of terror is alive and very active in the region. This is despite the fact that the Singaporean Muslim community fully rejects the ideology of exclusivism and violent extremism.

  2. While the recent focus has been on the activities of ISIS, the case of Abu Thalha shows that the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) is still a threat while it continues to pursue recruits for its violent cause. Muis has been working with Singaporeans who are pursuing Islamic studies overseas to ensure they have a contextualised understanding of our situation in Singapore.

  3. Once again, Muis would like to emphasise that social media is not the appropriate platform to receive religious guidance and instruction, not least in understanding complex political and armed conflicts in the Muslim world. Exposure to the propaganda of extremist and radical groups online who exploit these conflicts to radicalise Muslims will mislead them into believing that participation in such conflicts is a religious duty.

  4. If detected and reported early, radicalised individuals can be given the appropriate help and be rehabilitated. Muis would like to urge the community to continue playing its part to refer family members and friends who exhibit such tendencies as soon as they are detected, so that appropriate help and intervention can be given, as this is the best way to help them. There must be no let up by the community in its war against extremism and radicalisation.

  5. Should we have friends or family who appear to have fallen prey to and spreading questionable and problematic ideas, it is best that we refer them to the experts. The Religious Rehabilitation Group is ready to help at 1800-7747747 as well as via the RRG Mobile App. The community can also approach Muis at 63591199.

  6. Muis would emphasise the need for the community to seek religious instruction and guidance from local religious teachers who are registered under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) and are guided by the Code of Ethics of the ARS.