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2019 Report Card and 2020 Highlights

Muis embarked on its 6th Muis 3-Year Plan for work year 2019-2021. The report lists key achievements of 2019, marking the first year completion of the 3-year plan.

Four main strategic thrusts and assets development efforts are reported, highlighting programmes and initiatives designed to benefit various groups in the community. A selection of key achievements from 2019 are included in the report:   

  • Rallying support to the under-served in the community,
  • Strengthening our religious institutions,
  • Strengthening social cohesion, 
  • Strengthening support and development of asatizah,
  • Development of assets - zakat, halal certification and haj services 


  • Social Development - Financial Assistance IT System and LEAP Initiative 
  • Rallying together against COVID-19 - Preserving Our Religious Life 
  • Asatizah Workforce Development Plan - Postgraduate Certificate in Islam in Contemporary Societies (PCICS) & Career and Competency Framework (CCF)

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