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Frequently Asked Questions

Tarawih Prayer

1. Are bookings required this Ramadan?

Bookings are no longer required at most mosques, except for 10 mosques where demand is high and space is limited.

2. Are Muslimah spaces available?

Dedicated spaces for Muslimah are available at all mosques. For the 10 mosques that require booking, kindly ensure to choose the correct zone during the booking so that all congregants may get a slot.

3. How late can I cancel my booking if I'm unable to join Tarawih prayer?

There is no time limit for cancellation. However, bookings should be cancelled as soon as possible if you are unable to come to the mosque to allow others a chance to book. 

4. Can I print out my booking details/email confirmation as proof of entry at the mosque?

Yes, congregants may print out their booking details/email confirmation as proof of entry at the mosque.
Alternatively, a simple screenshot of your successful booking is also valid. 

5. Are children able to join the Tarawih prayer at the 10 mosques that require booking? 

Children who wish to perform the prayer at the 10 mosques are welcome to join for Tarawih with a valid booking, as are all congregants.

Every congregant, including children, is required to have a unique email address and contact number when making booking for identification and confirmation purposes.

Parents/guardians may ensure that the child/children has/have a valid booking before visiting the mosque. 

6. Can I perform Isyak or Tarawih prayer only?

Congregants may wish to perform congregational Isyak or Tarawih prayer only. However, a valid booking is required for either prayer at the 10 mosques that require booking.

7. Can I walk-in for Tarawih prayer if there are still available slots at the 10 mosques that require booking?

Walk-ins will not be allowed. Congregants who wish to perform Tarawih prayer at the mosques will require a valid booking. 



1. Can I break my fast at the mosque by bringing my own food?

The community is encouraged to break fast at home with their families and perform their prayers with their families. For those who wish or need to, mosques will make designated eating areas available for congregants. 

2. Is there a list of religious programmes conducted by mosques which I can refer to?

For Ramadan programmes, visit https://muslim.sg/salamsg