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Contextualising Religious Teachings

CITC participants interacting with Professor Abdullah Saeed  photo credit: SRP-RSIS 

The inaugural Certificate in Islamic Thought in Context (CITC) was held in 2016. It is designed to familiarise religious graduates with the evolving socio-religious landscape in Singapore, students are exposed to contentious issues that surrounds understanding thawābit (permanent) and contextualising the mutaghayyirāt (changing) elements in religious teachings through creative yet principled treatment of the tradition. To further stimulate critical thinking and enhance understanding, the programme allows our overseas students from both the MENA and SEA region the opportunity to interact with local and international scholars. 

CITC is currently a 10-day programme organised by Muis Academy and the Studies in Inter-Religious Relations in Plural Societies (SRP) Programme, RSIS, NTU.    Under the new Mandatory ARS scheme, graduates of Islamic studies from foreign institutions are required to attend CITC as part of a full recognition under the ARS. Muis Academy also runs the abridged version of CITC, ICON (Islam in Context) for graduates who may find it challenging to attend 10 full days of CITC.