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Industry Skills Credit

In the spirit of supporting our students to further develop their employability and industry skills, SCWO is introducing an Industry Skills Credit scheme to help overseas undergraduates and postgraduate students of Islamic Studies enhance their competencies in the ever-changing job market. 

Adapted from the SkillsFuture Credit initiative, this scheme supports successful applicants with a one-time training credit amount of $500, on a reimbursement basis, to attend suitable courses offered under Myskillsfuture portal that are approved and deemed suitable by SCWO. To allow for more students to have the opportunity to empower themselves, each student is able to tap on our Industry Skills Credit once throughout their studies.  


  • Singaporean 

  • Currently pursuing full-time undergraduate or postgraduate Arabic Language/Islamic Studies overseas 

  • First-time applicant of Industry Skills Credit  

How to Apply 

  • Submit Industry Skills Credit online application 

  • Chosen course/s listed under Training Exchange of myskillsfuture portal must be approved by SCWO before course commencement 

  • Application must be submitted to SCWO at least 1 month before course commencement 

  • Course fee reimbursement will be made upon submission of

    • Certificate of Attendance or Completion and

    • Receipt of payment made to the training provider