Pre-Departure Programmes

Participants from SCWO’s Pre-departure Programme in 2018 


The Pre-Departure Programme (PDP) has been our annual programme since the formation of the Student Resource and Development Secretariat (SRDS) in 2004. It aims to prepare students departing for Islamic studies overseas with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them to quickly adjust to their new environment and remain motivated.    
SCWO’s PDP covers a wide range of topics such as study skills, emotional wellness, financial management as well as general safety and security practices. Other than our in-house trainers, past students have had the opportunity to engage trainers from different institutions which include Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Civil Defence Force and Ministry of Health. 
PDP also allow students from different backgrounds and institutions to interact, exchange ideas and establish friendships.

Click here and register your interest to participate in our PDP.

Last updated on 20/8/2018