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About Fitrah Telepoll


In the month of Ramadan, payment of Zakat Fitrah can be made via telepoll. Payers who wish to use this convenient method may dial the telepoll number using their home or mobile phone (by contract and not prepaid). Each call is for the contribution one person only.

In terms of the Syari'ah, Zakat Fitrah payment made in this manner is permissable as it is similar to payments made through a representative or proxy. The payer is considered to have fulfilled his Zakat Fitrah obligation when they have dialled the appropriate telepoll number to make Zakat Fitrah payment. 


1900-112-3530 ($5.30/person) 
1900-112-3700 ($7.00/person)

(Each call is for the contribution of one person only. Administration charge of $0.20 per call.)