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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance through Zakat Disbursement



Disbursement of zakat is an important symbol of charity for the Muslim community and Muis has an obligation to ensure that zakat reaches out to the poor and needy Muslims.


This has been the customary role since its establishment in the 1960’s where zakat beneficiaries were invited to apply through word of mouth within closed community (religious and mosque) circles.


Over time however, increased reach and awareness of zakat has significantly evolved Muis’ role in the social welfare landscape and zakat is now playing a more central role in the Muslim community. This can be observed through the practice on the ground where Muis works collaboratively with national welfare agencies better help the clients through a more holistic intervention process.


Mosque Cluster System and Social Development Mosques  


Through the Mosque Cluster system (North, South, East and West), mosques are now better placed to empower and support our Zakat beneficiaries through a more holistic intervention.


The 4 Mosque Clusters have improved the synergy and collaboration among mosques and had enabled the mosques to reach out and serve the community better. The system also facilitates the sharing of best practices and resources among mosques to tackle community issues more effectively.


With the Mosque Cluster system, the social assistance function previously centralized in Muis, was devolved to the clusters, hence becoming more accessible to the needy. However, not all mosques carry out the zakat financial assistance function, only Social Development (SD) mosques have dedicated staff who are trained to provide zakat assistance.