Empowerment Partnership Scheme

Since 2004, Muis embarked on a family based programme to help as many of its Zakat-receiving families become self-reliant through the Empowerment Partnership Scheme (EPS).

To date, 403 out of 610 families have successfully graduated from EPS and no longer needs Muis financial assistance. Close to $3 million of Zakat fund has been spent since 2004.

 Another 237 families are currently participating in fourth intake of EPS, in which each member of the family will attend customised courses such as skills upgrading for better job opportunities, religious, lifeskills and education programmes for the children.

These courses are fully funded by Zakat fund. Families will continue to receive their monthly FA as long as they participate actively in this two-year programme.

Muis hopes that in the near future, these graduated families will turn from Zakat recipients into Zakat contributors.

Last updated on 25/7/2019