Financial Assistance Programmes

3 Programme Pillars

Zakat assistance is a firm commitment from Muis to ensure that the deserving poor and needy Muslims get the necessary support to better manage their financial and social challenges. Muis works closely with other national agencies and self-help groups to facilitate these families to achieve self-reliance. Poor and needy individuals/families who are eligible for Zakat assistance can receive monthly cacsh grants, study grants, gharimin and/or fidyah vouchers.


Focuses on helping on poor families achieve self-reliance through skills upgrading.Fit and healthy Zakat recipients are selected to participate in the Muis Empowerment Partnership Scheme (EPS). To ensure stable and continued employment and increase in household income, selected families can look forward to:

  • Training grants for approved skills upgrading courses
  • Academic assistance for children e.g tuition
  • Lifeskills programme e.g. financial/budgeting, motivational workshops, health management, Islamic learning classes
  • Start-up grants for home-based business


Focuses on developmental needs of children from Zakat-receiving families to the break poverty trap. May be eligible for one or more of the followings to ensure continuous education for children of Zakat recipients:

  • National examination fees (PSLE/ ‘N’/ ‘O’/ ‘A’ level)
  • Basic literacy & numeracy programme for children
  • Islamic education fee subsidies


Focuses on those receiving long-term zakat assistance due to old age, disability or with chronic medical conditions to remain connected within the community. May be eligible for one or more of the followings in promoting good health management and active ageing:

  • Core Programme - spiritual and lifeskill needs
  • Purchase of medical equipment and necessities
  • Mosque befrienders scheme

Last updated on 13/6/2018