Financial Assistance Programmes

Muis Support Programmes


Besides managing the zakat financial assistance, Muis also collaborates with the mosques to run some of these programmes. 


Empowerment Partnership Scheme (EPS)

EPS is specifically designed for short-term Zakat-receiving families who are categorized as empowerable and employable as they are young, reasonably healthy and with school-going dependants. Since the inception of EPS in 2004, almost 1,007 families have gone through the programme with varying levels of successes. A majority are now self-reliant and do not depend on Muis' Zakat fund.


Core Programme (CP)

Muis also implemented series of supporting activities called the “Core Programme” which are opened to all Zakat receiving families. These CP aim to equip these families with the necessary life skills, such as financial management, motivation and self-esteem, religious learning, family and parenting skills. The CP are run at the various EMCs in collaborative partnership with agencies such as CDCs, Mendaki and Health Promotion Board (HPB).


Befrienders Scheme and the Volunteer Management System (VMS)

The Mosque Befrienders Scheme was introduced to tap on the readily available large pool of volunteers at the mosques. It is hoped that this would be the first step towards nurturing a caring and active community in an organised way, one that empathizes with the plight of the Zakat-receiving families and ensures that these families do not lag too far behind. Muis, through the EMCs, currently has a pool of 620 Befrienders, of which more than 85% have been trained. Befrienders provide personal care and moral support to our Zakat beneficiaries especially those long-term cases that comprises of the elderly, chronically sick and the disabled. The VMS was launched in May 2013 to better coordinate the Befriending movement.

Last updated on 26/7/2018