Providing Religious Education

To encourage and enable young Muslims in Singapore to practise their religion confidently, Zakat supports aLIVE programme (Learning Islamic Values Everyday) which provides sound Islamic education programmes through contemporary and current teaching approaches.

Zakat funds is used to continue enhancing the delivery of Islamic Education and ensure the participation in Islamic Education is increased. This is done through review of the aLIVE curriculum and stepping up efforts to provide teachers with training. In 2016, $300 is given to every teacher per annum for courses and training programmes.

Also, to ensure no child is deprived of Islamic Education, financial assistance provided to students to attend the programme is also enhanced. Financial assistance from Zakat now assists families with per capita income (PCI) below $750. This revision enabled the disbursement of $1.2 million in 2016 to 3,565 aLIVE students in need of fees assistance.

At present, aLIVE is taught in 37 mosque madrasahs, with 18,750 students registered in the 2016 Academic Year programme.

A positive trend was also noted for Adult Islamic Learning (ADIL) enrolment, with increase in registration. Through Zakat funds, 8 short modules were introduced in 2016 to meet the demand for more ADIL modules. Aside to curriculum enhancements, Zakat is also utilized to continue to enhance teachers training for ADIL and at the same time recruit a wider pool of asatizah to deliver the programme.

Last updated on 25/7/2019