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Supporting Mosques & Madrasah


Our mosques continue to be active nodes in the social and community sectors of the society. Mosques partner community and national agencies to address challenges of the Malay/ Muslim community, especially in helping the poor and needy. 

Zakat helps to enhance the mosque sector in developing more capable and cohesive mosque leadership, wider community outreach and stronger governance. All these elements work in unison to deliver higher quality services and programmes for the enhancement of the religious life of the community and beyond. 

Through the Administration of Mosque and Leadership Programme (AMAL), all mosque key appointment holders are trained in core management functions such as mosque governance and finance. AMAL includes core modules such as Alignment and Strategy, Corporate Governance, Financial Management and Strategic and Programme Planning for the mosque sector. 

Supporting local mosques AMAL

Key officers from our six Enhanced Mosque Clusters (EMC) were also enrolled in Zakat-funded Mosque Officers Development Scheme (MODS). The full-time mosque officers completed the certificate programme which has been enhanced with content relating to their supervisorial duties. Zakat is used to continue to develop the leadership capabilities of our volunteer mosques leaders who hold leadership positions, as well as mosque staff who have shown high potential. The Strategic Leadership Programme (SLP) was designed to develop mosques leaders as organisational and community leaders. This programme consisting of classroom sessions, project work and reflection sessions cover five key modules that include Team Dynamics, Servant Leadership, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Human Capital Management and Cross-Sectoral Collaboration. 



Our six full-time madrasahs continue to be the foundation in developing the next generation of religious teachers, scholars and leaders who will help develop a gracious and forward looking Muslim community. Zakat is allocated to continue to strengthen the madrasah sector. These funds were allocated in the form of direct grants, financial assistance for needy students, as well as resources and upgrading opportunities for our educators. 

Supporting local madrasahs
Among the many beneficial programmes and initiatives funded by Zakat are the development of textbooks as well as preparing teachers to plan and conduct lessons. It was crucial that these subjects were pilot tested and feedback sought from small focus groups meetings and trainings. 
Zakat also funds the continuous development of both the leadership and teaching staff of our madrasah fraternity. Our madrasah principals are also supported through Zakat to undergo leadership programmes such as ‘Leaders in Education – International’ (LEP-I) programme. In addition, current and potential middle management leaders have been offered sponsorship to attend the Management and Leadership in School (MLS) 2 programme. 
Muis also collaborated with NIE to create the Customised Leaders in Education Programme (CLEP) specifically for the madrasah sector. On the ground, our asatizah and teachers went through extensive training in content, pedagogy and assessment which are critical for the successful delivery of the new Joint Madrasah System (JMS) curriculum. They have undergone two runs of the training on Understanding by Design (UbD) & Criteria and Rubrics - foundation trainings conducted to enable all JMS asatizah to internalise the curriculum framework. They were also introduced to Flipped Classroom, a reversed pedagogy where students do their reading and learning at home while classroom time is maximised for explanation and further clarification of students’ queries. 
Under the Progress Fund Madrasah Assistance Scheme (PROMAS), an assistance scheme funded by Zakat is provided to less privileged students. In addition, Muis introduced the PROMAS Performance Award to reward high performing secondary and preuniversity PROMAS recipients. Under this new award, eligible students received additional assistance to help pay for their school expenses, meals and transportation allowance.