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You can now contribute your Zakat easily through any of DBS/POSB ATMs islandwide.

  1. 1. Visit any DBS/POSB ATM and enter your card and pin
  2. 2. Select 'More Services':
  3. DBS ATM Step 1
  4. 3. Select a language to proceed
  5. 4. Select 'Credit Card/Bill Payment' option:
  6. DBS ATM Step 3
  7. 5. Search for MUIS ZAKAT-IRAS AUTO-INCL or MUIS ZAKAT-NO AUTO-INCL and key in the selection number:
  8. DBS ATM Step 4
  9. 6. Fill in the amount
  10. 7. Complete the transaction

Please note that the reference number provided to Muis will be auto-populated with the NRIC/FIN/Passport no. of holder of the DBS bank account payment is made from.

Please email to info@muis.gov.sg for official receipt and IRAS tax auto-inclusion.


Video Tutorial Guide