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You can now contribute your Zakat easily through PayNow by keying in the UEN T08GB0028LZKT.

  1. 1. Log in to your bank's mobile app.
  2. 2. Tap on 'Scan & Pay' function if available OR select 'Pay & Transfer/Transfer Funds'. Select PayNow via UEN.
  3. 3. Enter T08GB0028LZKT in the UEN field.
  4. 4. Enter your mobile number i.e. 8765 3725 in the 'Reference/Billing Number' field.
  5. 5. Verify that 'Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura' is populated
  6. 6. Fill in the amount for payment.
  7. 7. Complete the transaction.
  8. 8. Screenshot the transaction.

Please visit Go.gov.sg/zakat to request for official receipt and IRAS tax autoinclusion.

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