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Our Vision


ADIL is guided by the following philosophy that consists of four main elements:

(a) Profound religiosity as a manifestation of Islam 

  • Anchored strongly to Islamic traditions
  • Religiously resilient in effectively dealing with real-life challenges
  • Positively engaged to a meaningful modern life

(b) Spiritual enhancement as a portrayal of Iman 

  • Uplift and enhance Muslim’s spirituality in harmonising relation with God and relations with all of His creations

(c) Blessings to all as part of Ihsan 

  • Inspire action and contribution
  • Promote service towards humanity
  • Build strong relationships and social virtues

(d) Progressive religious thinking as an embodiment of ilm or knowledge

  • Show confidence to make personal moral judgments independently based on sound Islamic principles
  • Appreciate complex and multiple causes to social and religious issues
  • Apply critical thinking in dealing with religious issues
  • Adopt integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to studying religion

ADIL's Philosophy