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Course Structure

In choosing the appropriate learning track, students are free to choose any of the modules from any level. ADIL believes in the independence of individual students to self-assess their learning needs. There are no entry requirements and students do not have to take all modules in any particular order.

For Baseline Module seeks to provide adult learners with baseline Islamic knowledge. Inspired by the philosophy of Islam, Iman, Ihsan & Ilm (knowledge) as important components of a Muslim’s life. In our efforts to offer Islamic learning to be as accessible as possible, adult learners can choose to enrol in the weekly classes on weekdays or weekly classes on weekends.

Weekly Classes Class will be held once a week 2 credit hours per session. Generally, one module will take 10-12 weeks to cover.
Weekend Classes Class will be held on weekends, 4 credit hours per weekend. One module will typically take 5-6 weeks to cover.

For Intermediate module is aimed to provide an in-depth discussion of various Islamic traditional sciences and the relevance and applications in the contemporary settings and challenges. The modules at this stage are designed for the intermediate level, and be more thorough and encourage a more expanded scope of discussion, as compared to the baseline level.

In addressing the varied needs of diverse students, the intermediate level will be offered through the following format:

Workshop Series Interactive workshop sessions focussing on specific topic on issues covered in the baseline level. The workshop series will also cover issues that affect Muslims of today. The duration will usually be between 2 to 8 hours per workshop.
Weekly Modular Series Students who have attended the modules at Baseline stage and wish to learn in-depth on Islamic studies are encouraged to enrol in the weekly modular series. Modules offered in the weekly modular series will cover in-depth Islamic learning, from Akidah, Fiqh, Islamic History to studies on the Quran & Propehtic Hadith.
Closed-door Discourse Series ADIL Knowledge Retreat:
Seasonal half-day closed-door session where contemporary discourse on the Islamic faith will be