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Fardhu Ain

In Islam, Fardhu Ain refers to obligatory acts that must be performed by each individual Muslim, including prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage. It is a form of Individual obligation and is contrasted with communal obligation, ‘Fard Al-kifayah’.

Ramadan is a month identified as the month of mercy and forgiveness. A month where good deeds will be multiplied in its reward. A month that provides splendid opportunities for spiritual enhancement. A month of deep devotion and reflection.

All of us are required to learn the Fardhu Ain of Islam. This means:

  1. A sound and basic Aqida/Creed – with a proper commentary. This is to give you the baseline understanding to know what you mean when you say “God”.

  2. A basic Fiqh
    1. Purification- including tahara, najasa, how to clean yourself etc.
    2. Prayer – Its pillars and what is fard, mandub, sunna etc.
    3. Fasting & its rules
    4. Zakat-how to pay it, what to pay it on, when it is due
    5. Hajj & its rules

Fardhu Ain by ADIL is a free workshop comprising of a summarised version of two of ADIL’s Baseline modules; A Muslim’s Manual & Light of Faith. Specially tailored for those who wishes to learn Islam from its basic beginnings and those who would like to refresh their understanding of their Deen.

When and where?

Registration is now closed.

Mosque Area Date Time Language Murabbi
Al-Mawaddah Sengkang Saturday & Sunday, 20 & 21 Jun 2015 3.00pm – 7.00pm Malay Ustaz Mustazah Enrol
Al-Iman Bukit Panjang Saturday & Sunday, 27 & 28 Jun 2015 9.00am – 1.00pm Malay Ustaz Ahmad Helmi Enrol

An-Nahdhah Bishan Saturday & Sunday, 4 & 5 Jul 2015 2.00pm – 6.00pm English Ustaz Muhd Khalid Enrol