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  • Coordination of Primary 1 full-time Madrasah intake

    Application for Madrasah is a joint exercise between Madrasah Strategic Unit (MSU), MUIS and the full-time madrasahs. It aims to coordinate and assist parents or guardians in the Primary 1 application process at the participating madrasahs.

  • Coordination of PSLE

    Madrasah Strategic Unit (MSU) of MUIS is responsible for coordinating the PSLE for the full-time madrasahs by acting as a liaising agent between the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) and the madrasahs.

  • Student’s Resource Development Secretariat (SRDS)

    The Student Resource and Development Secretariat (SRDS) is a student unit under the Madrasah Strategic Unit (MSU) that looks into the training and welfare of students who pursue higher learning in Islamic Studies overseas.

  • Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

    This scholarship is solely for those intending to pursue their studies in Al-Azhar El-Sharif University in the academic year 2006/2007.

  • Teachers Training