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Inheritance Seminar 2017 – Will, Faraidh & Estate Planning


Muis will be organizing a seminar on estate planning on 18March 2017. The seminar will cover the various aspects of estate planning including the Islamic laws of Inheritance (Faraidh), the available estate planning tools that can help Muslims safeguard their assets as well as the practical and legal aspects of estate planning and will creation. Participants will also be given insights into real case studies on how tools such as Joint Tenancy, CPF Nomination and Insurance can be used for estate planning in complex and unique family structures. There will also be a question and answer segment where participants can find out more from our panel of speakers.

Details of the Event

Please download the event programme here.

Event Cost

$20 per individual
$30 per pair (couples, friends, family)
(proceeds will be channelled to Wakaf Ilmu Fund)


Our panel of speakers are highly qualified individuals who are experts in their respective areas. They are:-


Dr. Ustaz Firdaus Yahya,
Director of Syariah Consultancy, Education and Training

  • Islamic law on faraidh and the role of Baitulmal
  • Estate planning tools and fatwas
  • Planned giving

Mr Ahmad Nizam Abbas,
Chairman, Muslim Law Practice Committee and Director Straits Law Practice LLC

  • Case studies on estate cases (published case laws)
  • Importance of creating Wills, CPF Nomination, Joint Tenancy Agreements

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals interested to know more about safeguarding their assets using Islamic estate planning tools
  • Individuals who intend to make wills and nuzriahs
  • Individuals who plan to retire soon
  • Wealth planning professionals keen to know more about Islamic estates
  • Property agents who wish to know more about joint tenancy fatwa
  • Insurance agents who wish to know more about


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