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Public Trustee

The Public Trustee
The URA Centre, East Wing
45 Maxwell Road #06-11 ,Singapore 069118
DID : 63258483
FAX : 63251418

Administration of Estates of Deceased Persons

The Public Trustee administers small estates of deceased persons where the value of the estate does not exceed $50,000.00. For the administration of such estates, the Public Trustee recovers and realizes the assets of the deceased and distributes the proceeds according to law. To read more and apply for the service, please click here.

Administration of CPF Funds of Deceased Persons

The Public Trustee administers and distributes according to law, the CPF funds of deceased persons who have not nominated any beneficiaries or who have nominated beneficiaries who are below 18 years of age.

To read more and apply for service,please click here.

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Legal Aid

Law Society Secretariat
39 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058673
Tel : 6538 2500
Fax : 6533 5700


In Singapore, the estate of a Muslim must be distributed in accordance with Islamic inheritance laws.

Currently, PART VII of the Administration of Muslim Law Act,1966 (‘AMLA’) governs the distribution of Muslim estates.

Section 111(1) of AMLA stipulates that ‘notwithstanding anything in the provisions of the English law or in any other written law, no Muslim domiciled in Singapore shall, after 1st July 1968, dispose of his property by Will except in accordance with the provisions of and subject to the restrictions imposed by the school of Muslim law professed by him’.

Section 112(1) of AMLA states ‘in the case of any Muslim person domiciled in Singapore dying intestate, the estate and effects shall be distributed according to the Muslim law as modified, where applicable, by Malay custom.’

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CPF Board

79 Robinson Road
CPF Building, #14-01
Singapore 068897
Withdrawal Schemes Department
Fax: 6229 3249

Question : How does the deceased's family make a claim when a member passes on?

Answer : The family members of the deceased can inform the Board of the member's death by submitting his death certificate at any CPF office or through post/fax to the CPF Board. After verifying the validity of the deceased member's nomination, the Board will invite the nominee(s) to claim the deceased member’s CPF monies.

For more information, you may visit CPF Board, and type in the search bar or contact the above address.